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Frequently Asked Questions about
Legal Process Outsourcing / Legal Outsourcing

Legal Process Outsourcing is a growing area. Law firms and corporate legal departments are increasingly using outsourcing their legal work to India.

What is Legal Process Outsourcing / Legal Outsourcing?     

Legal process outsourcing refers to the practice of a law firm or corporate legal department obtaining legal support services from an outside law firm or legal support services company. When the outsourced entity is based in another country the practice is sometimes called Offshoring.

Can corporations use Legal Outsourcing?  

Yes. In fact, in-house law departments of some multinational corporations have been using legal outsourcing for many years.

What are the Advantages of Legal Outsourcing?

Some of the empirical advantages that have surfaced out of the practice of legal outsourcing are:

  • Cost Savings: There is currently a disparity in labor costs between the US and countries like India for professional services. The cost of locating qualifies attorneys and training them on US common law is still disparately lower than that of a US attorney.
  • Efficiency: Countries like India have a time difference of 12 hours from the US. This time difference works to provide a 24 hour work force if required.
  • Quality: India has a rather large talent pool of professionals including attorneys. India's intellectual prowess has been proven in the field of software development and is now being tapped for other professional services. The legal community potentially serves to benefit from this as well.

Why Legal Outsourcing to India?

According to a recent study, India has huge potential in legal outsourcing, with the number of jobs in the field increasing to 79,000 by 2015. India offers the following advantages:

  • The common law system
  • Lawyers trained in the English language
  • Legal Education in the English language
  • Tradition of independent judiciary
  • Freedom of Press
  • Liberty to enter into contracts

Does legal outsourcing to India mean a compromise in quality?

No. Because the legal process outsourcing work performed in India by Legal Support Global is supervised by Harvard Law School trained attorneys who understand the American legal system.

Our team of lawyers include those trained at prestigious law schools in the U.S.A., the U.K. and India and are supervised by Harvard Law School trained attorneys.

Can your law firm or company live without Legal Outsourcing?

You better answer this question for yourself. You have to see, if everyone else is using legal outsourcing, can you afford to be expensive than the rest.

What are the Special Advantages of using "Legal Support Global Group"?

There are many advantages of using "Legal Support Global Group," including the following:

  • We have lawyers on our staff who are trained in common law system in the USA, the UK and India, and who are supervised by lawyers who are admitted to bar in the USA and India.
  • We do not compromise on quality.
  • We take care of concerns like confidentiality and the conflict of interest rules.
  • We know the challenges and have a system and set-up to surmount them.
  • Our Attorneys include those educated at the Harvard Law School and prestigious universities in the UK.

Is legal outsourcing to India allowed by U.S. ethical rules?


What kind of cost savings can I expect by legal outsourcing to India?

By outsourcing legal work to India, one can save costs up to 60 per cent or more.

Can legal work be done faster by outsourcing it to India?

Yes.  During night time in the USA, its day time in India. Therefore, the work can go on round the clock.

What is Our Motto & Goal?

Our Motto and Goal is to provide the best service at the best possible cost without compromising on quality & confidentiality.

What kind of Legal & Paralegal Outsourcing Services we provide?

We provide Legal & Paralegal Support to the USA & European attorneys, law firms, in-house counsels and legal departments of corporations including ,but not limited to, the following:

What are the areas of law covered by us?

We provide Legal Support to attorneys and corporations in all areas of law, all para-legal areas including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Corporate Law

  • Business Law

  • Contract Law

  • Corporate Compliance Law

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Matrimonial/ family law

  • Immigration Law

  • Environmental

  • Criminal

  • Construction

  • Municipal Law

  • Labor/ Employment

  • Patent, Trademarks & Copyright Law

  • Litigation

  • Banking /Finance

  • Bankruptcy

  • Personal Injury

  • Product liability

  • Real estate

  • Trusts & Estates

  • Workers compensation

Legal Process Outsourcing can reduce costs for corporate legal departments  & law firms up to 75%.

“A General Counsel’s success is no longer measured only by legal prowess, business smarts and courtroom successes. It is measured by the ability to find creative ways to rein in legal costs and spending.”
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